Victoria's Secret Adriana Lima

04 February 2008

There was a man whose elbow hurt so he told his friend he was going
to the doctor. His friend told him to go to the pharmacy where there
is a machine that for ten dollars and a urine sample will tell you
what is wrong with you. So he went to the pharmacy and put the ten
dollars and his urine sample in. After a minute a paper came out and
said that he has tennis elbow and he should soak his elbow in warm
water for the next two weeks. That night, he decided the machine must
be a fraud.
So, the next day he made a mixture of tap water, his daughter's urine,
his dog's urine -- and he added some of his own semen to it. He
brought it to the pharmacy and put ten dollars and the stuff in. After
a minute the paper came out and said, ''The tap water has lead, the
dog has worms, your daughter is on drugs and she's not your