Never trust women

19 February 2008

A very old couple book a honeymoon suite in a five-star hotel to
celebrate their 50th marriage anniversary.

The bell boy while taking their luggage to the suite thinks to
himself, "At this age, they are booking a suite. What a waste!"

After leaving them in their room with a very heavy tip he decides to
spy on them. At night, he sits in the lobby opposite their room. And
what does he hear? Laughing and clapping sounds from their room. All
night long.

He could not believe his ears. In the morning, he apologized to the
husband for having spied on them, but being very inquisitive, he asks
him how can he do what he did at this age.

The husband replied, "See it is this way. First, I remove my clothes.
Then I lie down on the bed face up. Then my wife removes her clothes.
Then..." The bell boy leans into the old man and says, "Then what,

The old husband smiles and says, "Then my wife lifts up my penis with
one hand, and then we make a bet."

The bell boy hollers, "A BET? What bet?!"

If it falls to left, I win; and if it falls to right she wins," the
husband replied with a smirk.

The bell boy asks, "Well, what if it doesn't fall?"

"Then we both win," says the old man.